Plea to Church Leaders

Around the country people are becoming more scared to go out and defend the unborn. Wherever Planned Parenthood has control of the criminal justice system, murdering abortionists continue to kill innocent babies without abandon.

Where is the church? Nowhere to be found. Scared to get involved, or just unwilling. Why? Why do our church leaders fail us when it comes to defending us from the devil and his evil?

No, supporting your local CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Center) doesn't count. That's something that has to be done, it's like brushing your teeth. You must take a risk and lead your congregations to stand up against the horror and evil of abortion / prenatal murder. Over one million women kill their children in America every single year!

I'm begging church leaders everywhere to please step up and lead us in the battle against the devil and the culture of death. Protect the women sitting in front of you every Sunday from abortion and protect their babies from abortion/prenatal murder. Tell the men sitting out there that they should either keep it in their pants or accept responsibility for their actions. It's your job, not just as the leader of the church, but also as the person whom God has designated to lead, and the person your congregation follows.

If you haven't seen our "Pastor's Letter" section, click the following link to go there now.

I have a few videos of Pastors and priests making the plea. Watch the Walther Hoye video & then read his letter. You think I'm saying it strongly? Walter really puts the accent on why church leaders need to get involved. Read the article titled "Pastor Hoye’s Letter From Jail".

I hope I've been blunt enough, though I'm certainly not as blunt as an abortionist tearing a baby girl from her mother's womb!


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