“Pray and Work”

I read an article this week about a pro-life leader being honored in Chicago. The man, Joe Scheidler, is considered by many to be the father of the pro-life movement. While reading the article, I noticed an embedded video with a brief summary of his life. Three words stood out during the video “pray and work”. Many pro-life supporters rely solely on prayer as their pro-life strategy. As believers, we can all agree on the power of prayer; however, the Bible tells us that faith without works is dead (James 2:20). Mr. Scheidler it seems, has reiterated this concept in three simple words “pray and work”.

The reason I bring up the concept of “pray and work” is the recent battle over abortion funding. This week, pro-abortion lawmakers where willing to shut down the government to protect funding for Planned Parenthood. At times it looked as though the side supporting life would win; however, in order to avert a government shut down many, if not all, policy riders where removed. The good news for pro-life supporters is that the final battle isn’t over yet.We still have time to work, we still have time to get involved and take a public stand for life.

I hope we are all praying that legislators will support a law that defunds abortion clinics or better yet ends abortion all together. As we are praying we should also remember the words of Mr. Scheidler “pray and work”. If every pro-life supporter took a few moments to contact their Representatives it might give them the strength to stand a little longer for life. Join the Monthly Call for Life/ Letters for Life and stay in constant contact with your legislators.

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