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I remember the first time I knew who she was: I was helping with the student services fair in my senior year of college, and my mom texted me about John McCain’s VP pick.  Mama told me it was a woman and her name was Sarah Palin, who was a solid pro-lifer!  “Praise God!” I probably thought at that moment, and excitedly informed a couple of my conservative friends.

From the very first moment I knew her name, I had a good impression, and the more I learned, the more I liked her.  She was new, exciting, passionate, and best of all, pro-life and a true conservative.  Truthfully, I liked her better than McCain!

I do believe she has great potential for the 2012 election, and right now she seems to have a lot of clout with conservatives.  This week has been exciting, with the release of her book and the many TV interviews.  I NEVER watch Oprah, but I did DVR her interview with Mrs. Palin on Monday.  Yesterday, I also watched her cable interview with Sean Hannity, and enjoyed both.  My favorite part of both interviews was when she spoke about her pro-life values and her experience with having a special-needs baby:

When she first found out that Trig had Down Syndrome, on Oprah she said: “It was easy to understand why a woman would feel that it’s easier to just do away with some less than ideal circumstances…It also, though, really solidified my position that yep, there are some less than ideal circumstances in so many of our lives – it’s how we will react to those circumstances, how we will plow through them, and make the most of what we’ve been given…What I have been given is a gift.”  She made a head motion with this last sentence, to really emphasize the important meaning.

She echoed this same belief on Hannity, that Trig was sent from God, and that He knew Trig would be a perfect fit for their family.  And not only was she accepting of this hard fact, but her husband, Todd, was even more readily accepting and such a strong pillar of support.  She had asked him, “Are you asking the same thing that I’m asking: ‘Why, God?’  And he said, ‘Why not, God?’ “  His perspective was so unselfish, positive, and Christ-centered.  Todd lifted up his wife in the face of adversity, truly being a pro-life man of God.

To me, it is amazing how the Palin’s circumstances worked out.  Trig was born just a few months before his mother was picked as the Vice Presidential candidate, and Mrs. Palin was able to spread this real life, pro-life message to all of America.  I can’t imagine how encouraging she must have been to other parents of Down Syndrome or special-needs children!  It’s one thing for a candidate to say they’re pro-life, to say they believe every life is sacred and has value – but Sarah Palin has actually lived that message.  She has been faced with “less than ideal circumstances.”  She could have easily done away with “the problem.”  She was even attacked viciously for her pro-life stance.  But in the face of adversity, she chose life.  She chose the hard and narrow road, and I truly admire and respect her for that.  Because of her outward Christian faith, pro-life, conservative values, and deep-seated love for America and what it stands for, I believe that she will be able to help change America for the better, whether she becomes President or not.

~Malori Fuchs~

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