interview with David Bereit at 40 Days for Life rally in Falls Church Virginia

Ruby Nicdao and David Bereit talk to us about the 40 Days for Life rally at the abortion mill in Falls Church Virginia.

Ruby stated:

This is the opportunity right now, to come close down your local abortion mill.  To save the women, to change their hearts.  If you’re not here, they’re not going to see you.  You can pray at home, but they won’t see you pray here.  Praying here is what’s changing the hearts of the women.  So we believe that prayer if good everywhere, but coming here where the women see you…you are the sign, you are standing in for Christ.  So come out, call your friends, pray for an hour or two.  It’s amazing, when people come out here for an hour, they wind up spending more hours, they’re spending 3 to 5 hours out here.  I am just blessed to see that people are making the sacrifices. VersionHigher quality, but might not play as well as YouTube if you have a slow connection.  YouTube version provided below.

Youtube version

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