Sign On To California Personhood Now!

It’s time to begin gathering signatures to protect all preborn babies in the state of California!

There is no time to waste!

The CALIFORNIA HUMAN RIGHTS petition drive is now in progress to gather 1 million signatures to place the Personhood of preborn babies on the ballot in California. This is YOUR opportunity to ensure that every preborn child in California is protected by love and by law, from the very moment of his or her biological beginning.

Time is short, but if all of us pro-lifer’s work together we can make it happen!  We are expecting 200,000 signatures to be turned in at the Walk For Life West Coast, the babies in California are counting YOU!

How you can help:

Right Now, click here and download and print ten (they must be printed on legal size paper 81/2 by 14)

Ask your friends, family and neighbors to sign your petitions to affirm the rights of every human no matter how small.

Come to the Walk for Life on January 23 2010 in San Fransisco If half of the people in attendance got only 70 signatures, we would meet our signature goal and get the issue of California Human Rights Amendment on the ballot!

•  Contact your Pastor and get your church involved! A large number of signatures in successful petition drives come from churches. Get yours involved today!

We are thrilled to be getting started in California - the zeal of the pro-lifers, pro-life organizations, churches, and great weather means that the California goals are very attainable!
It’s time to get started!

We only have 110 days to reach our goal - let’s get out there, get petitioning, and put an end to abortion in California!

Remember that every person who is asked for a signature is a seed planted on behalf of the preborn babies. The education opportunities are endless, so let’s not waste a minute!

P.S. Remember to Download and print your petition TODAY! Just click here

Thanks so much!!!


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