Stop Abortion Now Everywhere - SANE / S.A.N.E.

We are going to end abortion, soon.  America and the world will wake up to the most horrible crime perpetuated against innocent people since the dawn of time.

I believe in good vs evil, and I believe evil has put a veil over the eyes of billions of people with this issue.  This veil causes men to allow their wives and girlfriends to kill their own offspring, and it allows women to kill their children in the womb, the most protective place a person could hope for.

There is only one statistic you ever need in the debate for life, every single abortion kills an innocent human being, half of them women and half of them men.  Don’t get caught up in debates, they are distractions.  Everybody knows what’s inside the womb of a mother.

Millions are waking up from this nightmare, and for those who are, our responsibility is great.  We have to speak about this topic constantly, to the point of annoyance and frustration from our friends and family.  We need to unite in efforts and events which will bring to an end to the prenatal murder of our offspring and end child killing forever.

Have you wanted to get more involved & didn’t know what to do?  Join Pro-Life Unity today by clicking on the Volunteer link in the top-right of the screen at  We will get back in touch with you and help you join the movement to save the unborn and the defenseless today.  Everybody has skills, everybody can do something and everybody who can do anything is needed now, more than ever.

Rise up America, rise up mankind!  The innocents are waiting for us to stop this insanity!

Stop Abortion Now Everywhere

Pro-Life Unity

United we stand ~ Divided they die

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