Texas Two-Step, Hutchison-Style

Last night was the live debate between the three Republicans vying for governor: Rick Perry (the incumbent), U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and former Wharton County Republican Party chair, Debra Medina.  (The latter doesn’t stand a chance, by the way, but hopefully she doesn’t take votes away from Perry.)

Soon after the debate began, the million-dollar question was asked of Senator Hutchison.  I wrote down my own transcript, which speaks for itself:

Dave Montgomery, Moderator: “Could you clarify your position on abortion tonight?  Specifically, do you believe that Roe v. Wade should remain enforced or be reversed?”

Sen. Hutchison: “Let me say that my record is one of always coming down on the side of life.”  She goes on to name some pro-life legislation she’s supported: voting against taxpayer funding of abortion and partial-birth abortion, promoting adoption, etc.  “We have had restrictions on abortion that have become the law of the land, and I think that’s good…I don’t want to have freedom that some states could have partial-birth abortion.”

Mr. Montgomery: “But still, your position on abortion is given some discomfort to Republican activists in your party who take a pretty strong position on reversing Roe v. Wade.  Do you believe it should remain in effect?”

Sen. Hutchison: “What concerns me about that is that we then have some states that would allow abortion as the baby is coming out of the birth canal, and I would never support that.  I’ve voted against it, I don’t want that to be in any state in our country.  That is the reason I have stated that position.”

Shelley Kofler, Moderator: “So you would not support the overturning of Roe v. Wade.”

Sen. Hutchison: “What I’m saying is [audience laughs, clearly seeing through her act] – if it is overturned, you are going to have abortion havens –

Ms. Kofler: “Is that a yes or no to this?”

Sen. Hutchison: “Look, I—I’m just tellin’ you [audience laughs again] why I’m concerned about, um, having it overturned and then have abortion havens, uh, all over our country.”

Mr. Montgomery, after Sen. Hutchison chatters while trying to do a Texas two-step around the real issue: “So keep Roe v. Wade on the books?”

Sen. Hutchison: “Well I think you have to look at what happens if, if it goes away, then every state is allowed to do whatever its state legislation passes.”

Both moderators: “Thank you.  Thanks.”

Those are the facts.  I think Senator Hutchison’s position on Roe v. Wade is crystal clear: it should not be overturned.  That is an unacceptable position for a potential Texas governor, and it’s unacceptable policy for our United States of America.

For an official statement from the Texas Alliance for Life, please visit this link: Texas Alliance for Life

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