The Extermination of Down’s Babies

According to a 2002 study, 91-93% of Down’s Syndrome babies are aborted in the United States. I spent some time reading through testimonials on pro-Down’s baby websites, and every single parent who mentioned their Ob-Gyn said that they were strenuously pressured to abort, and were sent through the ringer concerning the agonies of raising a Down’s Syndrome baby.

These different testimonials came from women around the country. These were different doctors of varying ages, regions, and medical educations who independently reached the same conclusion. Why give birth to a genetically flawed child when you can simply wipe the slate clean and start again?

Babies in the womb no longer have an advocate. They are considered replaceable. But what this also means is that moral upright parents no longer have an advocate. They must be equipped to stand up to the medical community and fight for the life and well being of their child from the earliest days.

We must re-examine the blind trust that we have in our doctors. The ideologies of the medical community lean toward making the strong, stronger, and eliminating the weak and needy altogether. This thinking is infecting all of us.

Even with six healthy children, people in the community first respond by pity; that in some way I have given up my life for these children, and why would I voluntarily do that? I have to bring them to the real conclusion that my children are a wonderful blessing and that our lives are fuller and richer because we have each other.

The duty to instill the value of life within the hearts and minds of our people belongs to each one of us. Put your doctors through a screening process: do they use vaccinations developed from aborted fetal tissue? do they prescribe chemical birth control which inhibits embryos from implanting in the uterus? do they urge the abortion of genetically flawed children? Doctors need to hear from their patients and need to be called back to their first priority which is to cherish life.

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