The Humanity

Abortionists are quick to talk about the fetus and its viability, often sounding as though they are talking about an alien or at least another species. Dehumanizing the enemy is not a new tactic; in fact, it has been used in the past over and over again.  From slavers to Nazis the idea of making your enemy look ugly or less than human makes it easier to promote the idea that you are superior. This same method is being used by abortion supporters to justify the termination of helpless human beings.

These ‘’pre-human beings” called fetuses even though there is no such species are described as nothing more than a bundle of cells. Fetus is a term that describes a stage of development, like toddler or teenager but it’s a lot harder to picture a fetus. Their viability or ability to survive without motherly support takes center stage in these debates. Many people each year end up needing life support for a time and then recover are these people any less human. This argument is like a judge allowing a drunk drive that has put someone on life support, to pull the plug.

The pre-born human being is completely human and deserves the same right to life that we all enjoy and sometime take for granted. Don’t forget to call your representative the first Friday of every month and demand they sponsor or cosponsor legislation to end abortion.

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