The Ramifications of Chemical Birth Control

Unfortunately in a world where utilitarianism reigns supreme within the medical community, information that we would consider crucial to our personal health care is casually swept under the rug by those who’ve decided they know better.

In Georgia we use tax dollars to provide and encourage the use of contraception within our government highschools. The safe sex classes certainly don’t tell young women that if they use birth control pills their chance of breast cancer just increased ten-fold (see Our tax dollars are promoting a “preventative” medication which kills embryos (as pointed out in former articles) AND causes breast cancer. Our daughters graduate from highschool often already on birth control pills, and continue to use them through out their child bearing years.

How are our communities negatively impacted from widespread chemical birthcontrol? The hormones are taken daily by women and released through the urine which then goes to the sewer, and into the water plants, etc. But no one is monitoring or removing the hormones from the water.

In Seattle, the presence of chemical birth control in the water supply is causing great alarm because these hormones render male trout much less fertile, which is affecting an already struggling fish population. According to a story in June 2003 a coordinator for Trout Unlimited in Portland found the study “disturbing in the extreme” because these hormones have polluted the water tables, creeks, rivers, and lakes all over the country and are having a very negative effect on reproductive rates in fish. (

What’s even more disturbing is that no one is talking about it! Where are the environmentalists? They should be protesting at pharmacies all over the country, where chemical birth control is dispensed.

All of us are drinking the water supply, and are taking in these hormones, whether we want to or not. How does that affect our health, our fertility or our cancer rates, and what about our unborn children?

“David Norris, a physiology professor at the University of Colorado, said it is not just the possible negative effects that estrogen is having on aquatic environments that concerns him as much as the exposure of these hormones to humans, especially fetuses and newborns. According to Norris, numerous reports show that estrogenic chemicals in water can result in thyroid problems and an adrenaline imbalance. Thyroid inhibitors are of major concern because they affect the nervous system’s development and can cause permanent mental retardation” (

Even if you personally are not using chemical birth control, the affects of other women using them impacts us all. As studies are showing, these hormones are poisoning our water, our environment, ourselves, and even our unborn children.

Another reason we can remain silent no longer.

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