The Rosa Acuna Project

This video will speak for itself, but I have to give a preview.  This is the start of another undercover investigation by Live Action, founded by UCLA student Lila Rose.  She and her Live Action colleagues have done what the rest of us are too scared to do: they walk into Planned Parenthood clinics around the country as undercover investigators, and they expose the deception and outright lies that Planned Parenthood desperately wants to keep under wraps.

Live Action’s previous project was the Mona Lisa Project, where they exposed how Planned Parenthood covers up the sexual abuse of young girls.  The Rosa Acuna Project, of which this video is the first, is to debunk the notion that Planned Parenthood gives accurate medical information to their patients.  This video will make your jaw drop in horror, but thankfully it does put another very large nail in Planned Parenthood’s coffin.  As the Rosa Acuna project progresses, the abortion giant will no longer be able to tout their “medically accurate information.”  I mean, really: a fetus doesn’t become a baby until birth?  Watch the video, and then please visit  Lila Rose has done more for the pro-life movement in her 21 years than many of us will do in our lifetime.  She challenges and is an inspiration to those of us in the same generation as she, those of us who are abortion survivors (born after Jan. 22, 1973).  Are we willing to step it up?

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