United We Stand

This week there were some disturbing headlines in the news, in one case a woman participating in the forty days prayer vigil had a fire bomb thrown at her.  Isn’t it strange the crowd that says it defends a woman’s choice, attacks women who choose to disagree with them? In another story, I read that the House of Representatives passed another short term resolution to fund the government with Planned Parenthood still being funded.

These two stories prove what most of us in the pro-life movement already know, this is no time to go silent. With approximately 3,700 abortions performed daily in this country, approximately 25,900 innocent human beings lost their lives this week. In a week with the horrific tragedy going on in Japan and officials project the loss of 10,000 human beings the world has been moved to act; and rightly so. The point I’m making here is we see a tragedy over twice that size every week in America, with no news coverage and very little outcry.  With at least 51% of Americans considering themselves pro-life, the phones of our Representatives should never stop ringing. Fifty one percent is more than one hundred and fifty million; imagine if we all made the Monthly Call for Life. Join the Monthly Call for Life April 1st 2011. http://www.monthlycallforlife.com/

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