Up-to-date Video and Audio of Pastor Walter Hoye and His Wife Lori

We have a few multimedia files with Pastor Walter Hoye and his wife Lori.  The main article is still here, but on this page we will keep the multimedia files updated.

“Hear our cry, won’t someone save the children?” - Recorded at the abortion mill where Pastor Walter Hoye was arrested.

Inside the jail

Video interview with Lori

Video Interview with Walter


Pastor’s Letter plea to church leaders from Walter


Lori Hoye Audio Interview Part 1 - 10 Minutes


Lori Hoye Part 2 - 10 Minutes


Lori Hoye Part 3 - 10 Minutes


Video from FamilgliaFilms


Our first audio interview with Pastor Hoye was back in February.  Listen to him explain to you what happened in his own words.


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