Video - Virginia Stands for Life

On Black Friday, pro-life people joined with Pro-Life Unity, who held a Face the Truth event at the malls in Tysons Corner, Fair Oaks and Dulles Town Center, Virginia.  They held signs of children who were killed in the womb, showing the public what the reality of abortion looks like.  A number of people driving by weren’t too happy about it, but there were also people who waved, honked and gave a thumbs up.

At least 10 participants came from the Whitaker family, who joined the dozens of others who proudly stood to defend the defenseless.  They were represented by the young, a newborn, who was bundled warm and cozy, all the way up to their Grandfather, with many ages in-between.

At one point, a Virginia police officer pulled up and asked a member of the team to move away from the median strip, but he was okay with where we were everywhere else since the rest of the areas where we stood were public property.

Are you ready to defend the defenseless?  If so, click the volunteer link in the upper-right corner.  There is something everyone can do, so volunteer today!

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