You Cannot Legislate Morality into Immoral Doctors

It is interesting how our society attempts to right moral wrong by creating more law. The medical community is godless. They answer to no authority but themselves, and hold the reins of life and death over each of us. In order to protect ourselves we try to legislate morality into the doctors. Think about it: The Woman’s Right to Know law attempts to educate women in spite of their doctors; the ultrasound bill attempts to show women their babies in spite of their doctors; now there’s a bill on the federal level, the Pre-natally and Post-natally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act to try in some way to limit the number of aborted handicapped children by giving parents information we can assume will not be shared by their doctors.

Why not just address the root problem? The vast number of doctors in our country should be shunned by our community. The community holds the power. I can assure you that if the public came together and started going after the medical community for the complete and total disregard for human life, no legislation would be needed.

Incremental legislation validates our culture of death. Doctors are protected from personal responsibility because a disregard for human life is legal. But what if each one of us began putting our doctors and our medical insurance companies through a screening process, rejecting immoral doctors and seeking out moral doctors, what would happen? Questions for your current doctor or a perspective doctor: Have you ever performed an abortion? Have you ever recommended abortion? Have you ever recommended euthanasia for a terminally ill patient? Do you consider giving food and water to a patient as medical intervention?

The only way to bring sweeping and immediate change is to effect the flow of money. When doctors realize that they are jeopardizing their entire career by performing abortions in med school or on the side when they have a regular practice, or by violating their responsibility to protect life in any other way, they will immediately stop these actions. Money talks louder than anything else. They won’t do anything to jeopardize themselves.

Legislators cannot give us back our right to life. God gave us our right to life, and we must assert that right for ourselves, our people and our future generations. So let’s exert the power we hold, right now. Our future depends on it.

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