Youth Conference 10th May 2013


We had a great youth conference in Mayuge District on 10th May, over 250 young people attended the conference and we witnessed God ‘s mighty hand of Revival to young generation that will transform Africa. On 14th –17th May, Richard will be speaking at another youth conference in Eastern Uganda. Your prayers and support is much needed.
Our thanks goes to church International in AL, Daniel Partlow, Bonnie Phelps, Alan Greveen and Qiick 2 Pleeze LLC for the great support to our ministry work. through your support God has enabled us to reach out to hundreds of young people with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and Pro-life message within this Month of May 2013. let His blessings be upon you as we continue to minister together to un-reached people.

Posted by Richard M. Swier on 05/15 at 10:18 PM
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