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§ Life Principles

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all human beings are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which is the right to life; and therefore:

- The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected from that human being’s biological beginning when the father’s sperm fertilizes the mother’s ovum, and

- The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected from the biological beginning throughout the natural continuum of that human being’s life by all available ordinary means and reasonable efforts, and

- The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected at each stage of the life continuum to the same extent as at each and every other stage regardless of state of health or condition of dependency, and

- The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected to the same extent as the life of each and every other human being regardless of state of health or condition of dependency, and

- When there is any doubt that there exists a human being’s life to preserve and protect, such doubt shall be resolved in favor of the existence of a human being, and

- When two or more human beings are in a situation in which their lives are mutually endangered, all available ordinary means and reasonable efforts shall be used to preserve and protect the life of each and every human being so endangered:

Wherefore, Pursuant to these Principles, we recommend and urge the adoption of a Mandatory Human Life Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

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The Pro-Life Unity Radio show debuts with Peter Shinn, President of Pro-Life Unity, Michael Hargadon and Mike Crone. The show features a mixture of topics, with nothing off limits! Of course the main theme is LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Peter Shinn is the founder of,, the founder and President of Pro-Life Unity, National Director of Organized for Life and founding technical director of National Pro-Life Radio. He is also one of the three founders of the annual Blogs4Life conference, which is held in Washington D.C. on the day of the annual March for Life. Charmaine Yoest of the Family Research Council and Tim Ruchti from are the other founders of the morning session. Peter also broadcasts on Pro-Life Unity Radio on Saturday mornings at 7:30 am on Liberty Works Radio Network, which not only reaches a global Internet audience at, but also over two million people directly every week on WIFL 104.3 FM Okala, Florida.


Dr. Hargadon has practiced dentistry for 25 years at his Frederick Avenue office in Baltimore City. He currently practices in Eldersburg and Emmitsburg, Maryland. For the thirty-three years of marriage to his wife, Jane, they live in Woodstock, Maryland. They have four children and two grandsons. Dr. Mike's concern for our country's present course is driven by a responsibility we have to our children.

In the most recent Gubernatorial Election, Mike registered as a write-in candidate for Lieutenant Governor. He has been Regional Coordinator for the Maryland Constitution Party, and has served on the Board of Pro-life Maryland. He was also President of the Byzantine Men's Club, at Patronage of the Mother of God, Arbutus, and held the position of Grand Knight in St. Charles Borromeo Council of the Knights of Columbus in Randallstown.

In the most recent Congressional race, Mike ran against Elijah Cummings as the Republican Congressional candidate in Maryland's 7th district. Mike is a man who believes in America; the America founded on the principles of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. His motivation to run for Congress stems from his belief in God. He credits his family, profession, and conversion toward Truth from this spiritual grace.


Michael Crone is a statistical and financial analyst who has volunteered for a long list of political organizations, including Colorado Right to Life, The Independence Institute, and the Libertarian Party (back when he naively hoped their abortion plank could be changed). He also served on the Congressional Campaign Committee of Dr. Mike Hargadon.

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