Video - Pastor’s Letter

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Maui 2 weeks later

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Who really is mentally ill?

Mentally ill people in power attack people who oppose them, accusing them of being mentally ill

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“We Won’t Accept a Ceasefire” - America demands more dead bodies

“We Won’t Accept a Ceasefire” – Warmonger NSC Communications Director John Kirby

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Japanese researchers sue their government

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“We are at war with Russia”

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Pro-abortion Republicans support pork bill

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NPR Recorded and Played an Execution

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John Fetterman says “Hi, Goodnight Everybody”

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Pennsylvania March For Life 2022

It's time for the Pennsylvania March for Life 2022!

There will be kids there with Teen Defender signs that say Stop Abortion Now Everywhere! (SANE)

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Hungary is dealing with unwanted abortions by giving money to families

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The truth is coming out, we’ve been scared and manipulated by big pharma


If the Democrat-controlled media gets 75% of their revenue from the pharmaceutical industries and if politicians get significant donations toward their political careers from big pharma, how much science and impartiality do you think you’re going to get?

Easy answer, none.

How much money are we talking about? Almost FIVE BILLION dollars went to the media to help manipulate and scare us.

Like Joe Rogan says, “If you can advertise, you can manipulate people and change their opinion based on theatrics, right?”

Remember the scare banners on TV every single day while President Trump was in office? It took up a big part of the screen, they wanted to scare everyone into thinking that President Trump wasn’t dealing with the virus properly. The Democrat-controlled media, including Fox news, even did stories against him constantly.

As soon as Joe Biden was installed in office, shortly thereafter, the banners magically disappeared. For a year the virus supposedly even got much worse, yet the banners never showed up again.

The Democrat-controlled media partnered with RINO traitors and Democrat politicians, doing everything possible to get rid of a Republican president. Does this sound like what should be happening in America?

Does this sound like “land of the free, home of the brave?”

Another thing, this was in 2020. How much do you think big pharma is spending to manipulate us now? Probably closer to 85% or 90%.

After knowing this, do you really believe Fauci, the media and the Democrats, people whose pockets are filled with money from big pharma, are considering our best interests? Do you really think it’s all about science?

If you even hesitate to answer those questions, you’re 100% brainwashed.

Statistica article

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